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Diagrams by iMathics

With Diagrams by iMathics, five different types of charts can be created easily and intuitively.

The charts can be modificated and adapted easily. In this way, the best representation for the specific application can be quickly found.



•    Table editor to enter the chart data

•    While entering data, you can see the result chart (see example "UK General Election 2010")

•    Rows and columns can be added or deleted to the table

•    seven examples are included

•    Free choice of chart colors

•    Possibility for presenting the diagrams with the forward and backward navigation buttons

•    Possibility to duplicate a chart: If you are editing an existing chart, you can save all the changes to a new chart. The existing chart will not be changed.

•    Possibility to change the diagram type


Coming soon:

•    Further diagram types

•    Possibility to print a diagram

•    Possibility to export a diagram

•    Possibility to import a diagram

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