Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator

iMathics is a calculator for the daily use, for the school and university and for technical purposes


The iMathics calculator is available in the Apple App Store and is designed for the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad.


Differences to other calculators:


  • The mathematical expressions can be entered in the same way as they are written
  • By errors detailed error messages are displayed highlighting the error origin
  • The results can be shown as decimal numbers, as simple or mixed fractions
  • The display can be zoomed with finger pinch gestures
  • The most complicated mathematical expressions can be input over a simple keyboard
  • Representation of the expressions like in the mathematics books
  • Mathematical correct calculus (!) with mixed fractions
  • Percentage calculations
  • Degree and radian calculus
  • Fraction calculus
  • Scientific functions (trigonometric functions, logarithm, exponential)
  • No advertisements  


Supports all iOS versions from version 9.0
Supports the following devices:
  • All iPhone models from iPhone 4S
  • All iPod Touch models from the 5th generation
  • All iPad models from iPad 2
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