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Privacy Policy


AHL Software operates the mobile application “iMathics”.


Data collection


We do not collect, store, use or share any information, personal or otherwise.

“Collect” refers to transmitting data off the device in a way that allows us and/or our third-party partners to access it for a period longer than what is necessary to service the transmitted request in real time.

“Third-party partners” refers to analytics tools, advertising networks, third-party SDKs, or other external vendors whose code we’ve added to our app.


We don’t use any code of third-party partners in our app.


Contact Info


If you email the developer for support or other feedback, your email address or other personal data will be used only to reply to the concerns or suggestions raised and will not be used for any other purpose.




No information about the location of a user or device is stored or collected.


Disclosure of Personal Information


We will not disclose your information or personal data to any third party except you expressly consent or if required by law.



The app “iMathics” do not use tracking and don’t collect user data.

“Tracking” refers to linking data collected from your app about a particular end-user or device, such as a user ID, device ID, or profile, with Third-Party Data for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, or sharing data collected from your app about a particular end-user or device with a data broker.

“Third-Party Data” refers to any data about a particular end-user or device collected from apps, websites, or offline properties not owned by you.


Contact Us


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us

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